Since the energy crunch has become THE major issue across the United States, facilities of all sizes will be called upon to provide conservation measures without tenant disruption. HUNT Consulting's proven techniques will provide property owners multiple options and a specific program to meet their personal needs.  We are committed to helping Building Managers reduce costs, improve the operation of their facilities and better the environment.


"Many buildings upgrade lighting systems for a variety of reasons, most often to save energy, improve profitability or increase worker productivity. According to the Energy Efficient Lighting Association, about 90 percent of the 4.8 million commercial buildings in the United States are more than 10 years old, since most energy-efficient lighting products have been developed in the last 10 years, many such buildings that had not been retrofitted likely could benefit from lighting upgrades… Lighting is central to producing a quality workplace and directly affects worker satisfaction. Conversely productivity can diminish in workplaces in which lighting quality is low."

- Federal Energy Program Director


Key Benefits

  • Up to 60% reduction in kilowatt use, saving energy, dollars and the environment.
  • Newer 21st Century technologies raise the bar and LEED classification of any building (LED, Induction, Cold Cathode, Compact Fluorescent, Solar, Reflectors, Pulsestart).
  • New fixtures will replace antiquated existing units that have passed their useful life, and parts which cannot be found or restored.
  • SENSORS (MANDATED BY LAW TO BE USED IN EVERY WORKSPACE) will Control the lighting and utility service more efficiently with occupancy, daylight, timer and dimming functionality.
  • Low Harmonics – eliminates older wiring and humming ballast problems interfering with other building systems.
  • Reduced heat – electronic ballasts operate up to 12% cooler saving on Air Conditioning.
  • Maintenance avoidance – eradicates in-house staff time spent replacing bulbs and ballasts.
  • Manufacturer's warranties, which translate into little or no costs for part replacements.
  • Take full advantage of utility rebates and tax incentives.
  • Improve the conditions of the office and workfloor environment.
  • Create a safer environment with a centralized lighting system coupled with a Life Safety program.


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We are 2005 Energy Policy Act Specialists. Ask about the market-based tax incentives and solutions.

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